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Traquer is specialized in monitoring servers and databases with its own monitoring product.

Our software focuses on  monitoring only the essential.

In our experience the functionality of services can be ensured using a couple of basic tests and  complex monitoring products easily lead to a enormousflow of alerts.

In spite of Xrays clarity and simplicity, there is a web-based user interface to examine possible alerts, view performance graphics and study SLA-data that supports availability reporting.

 The SLA reporting follows service time in SLA agreement and also the  service breaks can be used for planned breaks. It also combines overlapping alerts into one continuous break in service.

By using the personal account the user can maintain monitoring targets and view performance data and possible alerts in real time.

The alerts can also be sent as e-mail or sms messages to the user or to a third party. Also, a survey listing of the server computer is generated on a daily basis. It contains information of the assembly of the server and is often useful while maintaining servers. This information may also be used as a CMDB-inventory source.

It is also possible to use our console software as an onlineservice  so that the customer  don’t need to invest in hardware or software to build up the console. On the other hand, it is easy to install the monitoring agent and to monitor the parameters for targets   are done by a simple user interface.

Our billing is based on the number of agents in use. Thus, there is no need to purchase licenses by anticipation or worry about agents that are coming to end of life cycle.  You pay only for agentsused !

Our scalable monitoring system can effectively be utilized by as well organizations that only have one server as those who run more than thousand servers.

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