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Xray Monitoring Service

Xray is a tool for monitoring computers, databases, software and processes.

The Xray agent includes basic monitoring  and the monitoring objects can be expanded to any target as long as its functionality can be programmatically tested.  You can trigger an alert from the result to the centralized monitoring console through xray send interface. If the object is widely used, Traquer can add the new parameter as part of the monitoring agent or alternatively the Xray functionality could be added to own scripts.

There are  numbers of ready-made modules for widely used operating systems and databases.

The Monitoring Service includes:

                             The Functionality inside Xray is divided between server to monitor (client/agent) and the centralized console that is receiving messages and data from agents. The third part of the ensemble  is the BackEnd monitor that measures and reports availability and response time of the monitored servers using URL-queries.

                             According to the Xray ideology all messages are either alerts or resets. The alerts are visible in a web-based graphical user interface.  Alerts have Fresh, Work and Done status, so you can see easily, if somebody is already  working on the alert or if the server agent has send the reset message.

                             The Treshold values for  monitored objects are in default mode or  can bee  defined by the customer or a third party.

                             The philosophy behind Xray is to focus on critical objects that could increase system availability. By focusing on the essential parameters the console can be kept easy to read. Those who keep track on alerts can thereby concentrate on relevant malfunctions even in large environments. Targets that can be monitored (and reported, if necessary) of a server computer are:

                                                          * CPU usage %

                                                          * Pagefile usage %

                                                          * Amount of free memory

                                                          * Disk usage

                                                          * Existence of key processes and services

                             Performance-related parameters are used to build up graphs that can be viewed through the graphical user interface with a personal account.

                             The Xray monitoring offers messages, availability calculations and capacity monitoring of server systems.

                             The alert contains an identifier that tells if the alert is affecting SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation.  The SLA values are calculated for a group and its progress can be viewed directly through the GUI.

                             Optionally it is possible to get a separate SLA report, where overlapping alerts are combined and eventual ”server down” -messages are verified against server’s uptime information.

The Xray principle picture: